Book a Studio Session

The goal of a Studio Session is to get to essence of your personal style and empower you with the tools to start decorating on your own. We’ll ask you in advance to gather 10-20 images that speak to you. These can range from a photograph of an inspiring interior or fashion spread to a postcard of your favorite artwork. This is the time to be imaginative and uncensored, and to have fun!

For one hour, we will meet in person at your home or via Skype to answer any of your decorating questions to kick-start your project.

After our session we’ll email you a recap, which will include details from our meeting, a tailored list of some of our favorite vendors and a link to your curated Pinterest board, which will include concepts for key furnishings to get your project going!

  • 1 hour in-person or virtual meeting to unpack your interior design style
  • Tailored list of vendors
  • Pinterest Board with key furnishings concepts


$500 + tax